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Catchy Elcka has 'Nothing to Lose'

By Brian Cohen
Daily Arts Writer

Currently on tour supporting Morrissey, West London's Elcka is still fairly new even to British audiences. In fact, its debut album "Rubbernecking" won't even be released in the UK until mid October. But with debut single "Nothing To Lose" already notching its way up the CMJ charts (it's currently at No. 20), America just might get fairly familiar with the lads before too long.

"This tour was very last minute for us," said Elcka's enchanting frontman Harrold before last Wednesday evening's sold-out Hill Auditorium performance. "It was like two days before - 'pack your bags ... you're going!"

The haste with which the band has been moving is rather remarkable, especially considering that its first assignment in this country is the difficult task of warming up thousands of screaming fans who have been waiting five years to see one of the m

Elcka opened for Morrissey last week at Hill Auditorium.
usic's most sought after artists.

"I think it's kind of a significant thing that of all people Morrissey kind of takes a shine to us and introduces us to America," Harrold said. "I couldn't think of a better way to come over here really.

"People that like Morrissey tend to have a bit of a take on music, and they enjoy what we do and there're cheers and it makes us feel very welcome by the time we finish playing," said drummer Darren Berry. "So it's a challenge but it's an enjoyable one, it's a rewarding one."

And Elcka's performance was just as rewarding for the audience as it was for the band members themselves. With its current UK single "Supercharged" kicking off the live set, it was no surprise that audience's eyebrows raised as the band started playing. Harrold's throaty delivery was effortless as he appeared to be "dressed to kill, seeking thrills, never coming down."

"Paradise In Poison" was a bit of a departure from the other live tunes, but its intriguing guitar and Harrold's uncompromising energy combined in a triumphant swirl. Thanks to Matt Barker's handiwork on keyboards, more refined greatness was unleashed on the the urgently intense "Try," which has already sparked some comparisons to fellow British superpowers Suede and Pulp.

"I don't think we sound like anyone really," Harrold said. "It's not as if we're rambling on about 'The Beatles, Beatles, Beatles man.' We've been compared to literally everyone." After Elcka eased into "Nothing To Lose," all other band comparisons quickly vanished into thin air. The single has more hooks than a 24-hour fish-and-tackle shop, and the inspiring chorus left the audience clapping with fierce approval.

Having already started to nibble the appetizers on America's menu for success, the members of Elcka seem more than ready to continue putting in the long and sometimes draining hours into their music.

If Wednesday's performance was any indication of what the band is capable of producing, then "Nothing To Lose" might just be the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship between America and Elcka - one with millions of "silver smiles all around."


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